Partners, Publishers & Writers

The Freedom Book Fair is initiated by The Hague Peace Projects and Mukta-Mona. Together with several other organisations the Freedom Book Fair has grown from a one-day event in 2016 to the four days of interesting debates and filmscreenings in 2017. We would like to thank all our partners who made this happen.

During the Freedom Book Fair we presented books and publications from all over the world, related to the topic of freedom of expression. The Book Fair was open every day from 1 pm until the last event.

Looh Press (UK)

Looh Press aims to provide excellent selection of Islamic/African Studies books, with special focus on Somali Studies. Their special mission is to provide high quality literature on the history, culture, politics of the Somalis. At Looh Press they have a motto of preserving the classics by reprinting and representing to a modern generation. History is not only in the past for us, it is here, in the now. In the Islamic Studies field, they provide some of the best publications of some of the best books in the Islamic Sciences, focusing on the classical text with a modern editorial touch.

LM Publishers

In 2013 the Lokaalmondiaal-foundation took the initiative to continue KIT Publishers, the only independent publishing house in the Netherlands on development studies, global art and culture and geography and ethnology. And so KIT Publishers became LM Publishers. Almost the entire publisher’s list of KIT Publishers is now available through LM Publishers.

Banned Books from Turkey

We are proud to announce that all sorts of books that are banned in Turkey will be present at our book fair: there is a special exhibition ‘Banned Books’ by Ragip Zarakolu. There will be a great variety of books available which are banned in Turkey, accompanied by a thematic breakdown of the most common taboos on which the bans are based.

The proceeds of this exhibition will be used to support imprisoned writers and related publishing activities.

Amnesty International

Amnesty will present books and publications on freedom of expression in general and specific on Turkey since Amnesty is our partner in organizing the panel discussion on freedom of speech in Turkey.

University Press Limited (Bangladesh)

The University Press Limited (UPL)is one of the leading publishing house of Bangladesh. It publishes educational, academic and scholarly books both in the English and Bangla languages. UPL was set up as a publishing company in 1974 and it took over OUP’s publishing programme in Bangladesh in 1975. It has since closely collaborated with OUP Oxford and its branches in Pakistan and India. UPL also distributes books of foreign publishers in Bangladesh.

International Socialists (International)

The international Socialists will provide a stand with different books and publications related to the topic of freedom of expression. ‘Understand the world to change the world.’With this goal in mind the international socialists publish articles that elaborate on current and historical issues and they review classics and new releases.

Van Stockum (Netherlands)

The American Book Store (Netherlands)

Lemniscaat (Netherlands)

Suddhashar (Bangladesh)

Shuddhashar, established in 2004, is considered one of the most important publishing houses in Bangladesh. From the beginning Shuddhashar focused on publishing the books from new young promising writers of Bangladesh on diverse subjects and disciplines and became the one of the most vibrant off-beat publishing houses in Bangladesh. In 2013, the publishing house was awarded the Shaheed Munir Chowdhury Award for publishing the highest number of best-sellers in Bangladesh. For publishing books critical to religions it faces continuous threats from religious extremists and government. Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury Tutul, the publisher scarcely survived an attack at his office in Dhaka on 2015 and is now currently exiled in Norway. Shuddhashar received the AAP’s 2016 International Freedom to Publish Award by the Association of American Publishers International Freedom to Publish Committee (IFTPC). Now in Bangladesh there is no printing activity of Shuddhashar. Still Shuddhashar is continuing their journey through e-publications.

Shrabon (Bangladesh)

Shrabon is another important publishing house in Bangladesh. It publishes different books on diverse topics including freedom of expression. This year Bangla Academy tried to ban the publishing house from the book fair due to raising voice against the decision of censorship upon Rodela and Ba-dwip publications in 2015 and 2016 respectively by Bangla Academy. However later on Bangla Academy withdrew the ban as a result of strong protest.

Adarsha – Bangladesh

Ongkur – Bangladesh

Bergamin – Bookstore & More (Netherlands)

Bergamin Bookstore & More is an independently owned non-fiction online bookstore in The Netherlands with a real physical cultural appearance and a lot of events, readings, seminars, workshops, open discussion rounds or fireside chats on most beautiful locations like restaurants or theatres.

Van Gennep (Netherlands)

Van Gennep has been an independent publishing house in the Netherlands since 1968. They publish literary fiction and non-fiction. Their non-fiction includes general knowledge and academic publications in the fields of sociology, psychology, politicology, philosophy, feminism and islam. In addition to that, they publish real life stories and memoirs with broad commercial appeal.