Read here the reports and have a look at the photo’s from the previous editions of the Book Fair:

From February 24 to February 27 , we were hosting ‘The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2017’ at the Nutshuis, The Hague; with participation from publishers from different parts of the world. There were panel discussions on freedom of expression in Bangladesh, Somalia and Turkey, freedom of expression regarding LGBT movements in religious societies, and also on overall situation of freedom of expression around the world.

The Hague Peace Projects, Mukto-Mona and other international organizations hosted a book fair in February 2016 at Humanity House in The Hague titled ‘Bangladesh Alternative Book Fair’ in memory of Avijit Roy and other Bangladeshi writers and free thinkers who got killed in 2015 and in solidarity with the persecuted and exiled Bangladeshi writers who were unable to be present in the Ekushey Book Fair in Bangladesh. “The Hague Freedom Book Fair” was a continuation of that event.


date/ time EVENTS
February 24 2017
19:00-21:00h Discussion: Freedom of speech versus Hate Speech; Featuring: Paul Cliteur (Leiden University), Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited) and Marloes van Noorloos (Tilburg University).
21-00-23:00h Somali Poetry Night. Featuring: speeches by Zaynab A J Dahir (author children books, educator), Abdirahman Mohammed Abtidoon (language expert and storyteller) and Music & Poetry by Susu Amina, Malique Mohamud, Qali Nur and many more!
February 25 2017
14:00-17:00h Discussion: Freedom of Expression in Turkey; Challenges for dialogue and peace.

Featuring: Hüda Kaya (parliamentarian, Turkey), Ragip Zarakolu (Nobel Prize nominee), Uğur Üngör (Utrecht Univ.) and Cihad Ebrari (human rights activist). Vardohi Balyan (journalist Agos), Marloes de Koning (journalist NRC)
19:00-21:00h Discussion: Challenges of LGBTI-Activism in Religious Societies Featuring: a Bangladeshi LGBT activist, Marie Nagadye (LGBT activist from Uganda) and Dino Suhonic, (director of Maruf).

February 26 2017

15:00-17:30h Discussion & Documentary: Voices of Dissident in Bangladesh16807746_1378144382255782_8919389578961377160_n Featuring: Bob Churchill (IHEU), Caroline Suransky (Humanistisch Verbond), Olof Blomqvist (Amnesty International)
Erin Kilbride (Front Line Defenders) & documentary: Victim Blaming (Frontline Defenders)
February 27 2017
18:30-20:30h Discussion on Freedom of expression, Dialogue and conflict resolution in Bangladesh16730562_392171304480896_8331192598820184840_n Featuring: Bonya Ahmed (Mukto Mona), Sultana Kamal (lawyer and human rights activist, Nur Nobi Dulal (blogger and founder Istishon blog) and Nasrin Siraj Annie (Anthropologist, activist and film maker)