The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2018: Free

The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2018 is a place where writers, journalists, human right activists, artists and civilians from all over the world can discuss, connect, debate, initiate a dialogue, celebrate their work and raise awareness for their cause.At the Freedom Book Fair, you will find a vast amount of books from the Horn of Africa, South East Asia, Great Lakes Region in Africa, the Maghreb, Middle East and much more areas in the world.

This year, more than 15 high-level speakers and guests are invited to discuss various topics. There will be various activities over the course of the five days, such as book presentations, cultural evenings, movie screenings and panel discussions.

The first edition of the Hague Freedom Book Fair started in 2016 as an initiative to attract public attention to the situation of the Bangladeshi bloggers and minorities that had been targeted by Muslim extremists during that period. It was organized in memory of Avijit Roy and other Bangladeshi writers and free thinkers who got killed from 2013 till 2016 and was in solidarity with the persecuted and exiled Bangladeshi writers who were unable to be present at their beloved Ekushey Book Fair in Bangladesh. The second edition in 2017 expanded its theme to oppressed voices around the world, including countries such as Somalia, Turkey and LGBT rights in religious countries.