The Freedom Book Fair was initially organized in memory of Avijit Roy and other Bangladeshi writers and free thinkers who got killed from 2013 till 2016 and was in solidarity with the persecuted and exiled Bangladeshi writers who were unable to be present at their beloved Ekushey Book Fair in Bangladesh.

At the Freedom Book Fair, you will find a vast amount of books from the Horn of Africa, South East Asia, Great Lakes Region in Africa, the Maghreb, Middle East and much more areas in the world.

Bergamin Online Book Store  

Bergamin Bookstore & More is an independently owned non-fiction online bookstore in The Netherlands with a real physical cultural appearance and a lot of events, readings, seminars, workshops, open discussion rounds or fireside chats. Although they are geographically based in The Netherlands, they feel that world citizens should be free from national borders; they are able to offer books & services all over the World. Their books have integrity which tackle consensuses head on, whether those concern colonialism, racism or politics of various stripes. They are not afraid to go against the grain if we think the book is a real contribution, it’s saying something fresh.

Pages Bookstore Café Amsterdam

Pages Bookstore is the home for music, arts, literature and a haven of love – a place for all of us! Pages is us! Pages is for artists, painters, musicians and filmmakers. It welcomes everyone! It opens its arms to all who want to spread happiness and love. It is our home and the place that brings us together despite our nationalities, religions or ethnicities. A place created for all humans. Pages Bookstore in Amsterdam is found in cooperation with the Prince Claus Fund organisation that seeks to support activities in fields of culture and development. The organisation believes that arts and culture are the souls of human life.

The African School Netherlands

The African School Netherlands is a Saturday school that teaches African/Carribean history, culture and languages. They will be present at the book fair, exhibiting a wide array of books from all over Africa. The African School Netherlands exists to provide children with an extracurricular educational experience that will help them know who they really are in the long run. This in itself is a question of identity and greatly contributes to the forms of freedom enjoyed and expressed.

H&S Media

A Digital & On-demand publishing company specialising in Persian content from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. H&S Media is run by experienced professionals, from all aspects of the industry based in the UK. Their mission is to empower authors and other publishers providing a direct secure route for readers to purchase their content, to financially account clearly and regularly and to offer the information and technology, which will allow maximising their sales potential. Their non-exclusive digital distribution agreement is author-friendly and most important authors retain the ownership of their content.

Red Intellect

A new publishing company that has been independent since 2016, they previously published with co-operation of H&S Media in London. It is now fully based in the Netherlands. They also have literary events called ‘Samarkand Literary nights’, where they present and launch their books alongside inviting other Persian writers and poets to share their latest works.

Dena Publishing

An independent Iranian publishing centre that was established in 1995 to provide a wide spectrum of literature to the Persian reader, primarily modern literature in addition to general culture in Persian. It also a wide range of translated international books, to bring to the Persian reader the best of the international intellectual production. Since the beginning, Dena Publishing has also been distributing books from other Persian language publishers.

IA Publications

A publishing centre of Iran Academia focusing on Social Sciences and Humanities. It is specialised in publishing educational books, research, analytical reviews and academic journals. The company provides publications in English and Persian.

Looh Press

Looh Press aims to provide an excellent selection of Islamic/African Studies books, with a special focus on Somali Studies. Our special mission is to provide high-quality literature on the history, culture, politics of the Somalis. At Looh Press we have a motto of preserving the classics by reprinting and representing to a modern generation. History is not only in the past for us, it is here, in the now. In the Islamic Studies field, we provide some of the best publications of some of the best books in the Islamic Sciences, focusing on the classical text with a modern editorial touch. Looh Press is a small press with self-funded publications and was founded by Mohammed Abdullah Artan.

Lagrange Points

Lagrange is a young non-governmental organization based in Brussels,  working on establishing the first multilingual bookstore café with an Arabic theme promoting Arabic culture via books, literature, music, art, and cultural activities. They work in collaboration with multiple organizations and supporters.