Academic Freedom & Right to Education in Iran : Free

In collaboration with Iran Academia, the panel will discuss the current educational system in Iran discussing two perspectives; academic freedom and right to education.

Moderator: Kiaa Parsa Aalipour

– From demonization to medicalization: Gender identity and sexual orientation in the curriculum of health professionals in Iran (Raha Bahreini) – The boundaries of academic freedom in theological methodology of educational system after the Islamic revolution in Iran (Amir Yahya Ayatollahi) – University in Iran: site of politics and logic of exclusion (Omid Montazeri)

The following speakers will take part in the panel discussion:
Raha Bahreini | a Human Rights Lawyer and Amnesty International Researcher on Iran

Amir Yahya Ayatollahi | a PhD student of Humanities at the University of Vechta

Omid Motazeri | Journalist and victimised by the educational system in Iran

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Academic Freedom & Right to Education in Iran: Free
24 Feb, 18:30 – 21:00
Theater, In Het Koorenhuis