Book Presentation Füsun Erdoğan: Free

Füsun Erdoğan, a Bianet writer and former coordinator of Özgür Radyo who had been convicted to a life sentence, has been released from prison. She lives now in the Netherlands and wrote the book ‘To My Twin Greengage Branch’ which has been published in January 2018. The book describes two lovers physical separation, thoughts and promises to each other. There will be Q&A with Füsun Erdoğan and a live performance by her son’s band ‘Aktas Erdogan Quintet’.

Interview led by Iffet Subasi.

Line up:
Aktas Erdogan: Guitar
Adnan Dura: Saxophone
Yiannis Karygiannis: Piano
Alessio Bruno: Bass
Richie Struck: Drums


This book consists of 44 letters that I wrote to my beloved one on the run. I wrote them from Gebze Prison between June 29, 2013, and February 10, 2014. The book is written in Turkish.

“My love and I were both taken into custody on the same day, Sept. 8, 2006. After learning about our arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor, while still being kept in the same cell, we made a promise to each other. We were going to have a date at 10 PM every Saturday as well as on the 10th and 20th of each month. Despite our physical separation, we were going to be together in our thoughts. That time was ours and our thoughts were transformed into letters. During those days, with very few exceptions, I kept my promise and wrote letters to my beloved. On May 2011 he was released from jail, nearly after five years of imprisonment. For a while, we remained loyal to our promise and continued to write to each other after his release. However, he was not able to keep his promise for too long because of the circumstances he found himself in. He was taken into custody again and released shortly after in June 2012. Right after his release, there was a warrant for his immediate arrest. So, he had no choice but flee. I had not heard from him for many months. On the first anniversary of his last visit, I began to write letters to him again although I knew that these letters would never reach him. Just like the way I did the first time when we both were in prison: every Saturday, 10th and 20th of each month at 10 PM I was with my bellowed one.
My letters not only reflect my yearning, my worries, my love, my sorrows, my disappointments and my criticism of the beloved but much more. They also reflect the inner world and sensitivity of a revolutionary woman prisoner towards life, politics, and problems of mankind beyond the walls. In short, my letters are witnesses of my captive life.” Füsun Erdogan

Join us:

Book Presentation Füsun Erdoğan: Free
24 Feb, 17:30 – 18:30
Freedom Square, In Het Koorenhuis