AFTER PARTY: Freedom Book Fair 2018

Join us at the Freedom Book Fair after party with DUCKFOOD and a WORKSHOP DABKE DANCING by Dreaming of Syria!

Dreaming of Syria aims to show a different side of Syria and connect locals and new neighbours. This night is brought to you in collaboration with a team of people from all over the world that wish to inspire you to celebrate diversity and empower the Syrian community, being home far away from home.

Dabke is a well-known folk dance with a wide spread tradition in the Middle-East. People dance Dabke at joyful occasions like a wedding, social gathering or opening of a restaurant. Dabke knows many variations and with a quick-start workshop we will teach you the basics of some of the most popular versions. We promise a good work-out and when you know how to dance Dabke, you are ready for any upcoming Arabic wedding, that’s for sure. Dancing is experience is not needed and we promise you will dance Dabke after ten minutes like it’s nobody’s business!
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Duckfood defies categorization. Always on the search for new and old sounds from around the globe, his massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. Duckfood is closely connected to Rebel Up! Soundclash and the Pantropical organisations; both promoters of un-stereotypical, non-western music. His colourful and uplifting sets have been heard at parties, festivals and concerts alike. IFFR (White Nights), Arab Film Festival, Le Guess Who, Music Meeting, Zenith Fusion Bulgaria to name a few. As a producer, he is now working on edits and remixes of songs from Maghreb countries to make them ready for the modern day dance floor.

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AFTER PARTY: Freedom Book Fair 2018
24 Feb, 21:00 – 02:00
Freedom Square, In Het Koorenhuis
Price: €7 (online), €10 (door sale)